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The book “The leader habit” provide some good insight how to become a leader.

Some good points:

Delegate well :  person’s skill, his interests, and identify what needs to be accomplished, but let person figure it how.

Sell the vision: paint a picture for 3-5 years, and make vision relevant to your followers by appealing to their personal value and needs

Influence others:  anticipate how others will react to new ideas, plans, initiatives.

ask targeted questions to explore people’s concerns

skillfully guide the discussion away from surface issues to underlying concerns to ensure that you are addressing root causes, not just symptioms

uncover hidden requests so you can accurately and fully address people’s needs.

Overcome individual Resistance:  explicitly address people’s fears and reluctance by ack negative emotion and helping them to name those emotions

sell people on the benefits of change by highlighting how they will personally benefit from the change

facilitate the discussion to mutual agreement; perodically check the understanding of all parties involved and summaize what has been agreed

convince people to take action by hightlighting shared goal

show caring: be polite and respectful even under stress. after noticing even the slightest frustration or irritation, say ‘ Thank you for bringging this to my attention. Let me have a think and come back to you later’.

use caring phrases

make others feel valued and appreciated.  , I want you to know that I avlue/appreciate …

nmae that emotion. Ack and name emtions is a powerful way to let others know that you are attentive to them. “You seems [emotion], and I wonder if you’d like to talk about it ..’


motivating change: self-image, internal tension. Ctritical Feedback won’t produce trans formative insights. keep your advice to yourself,  using motivational interviewing to build internal-tension, –> make people change him/herself ( be patient).  If you try to force those things, you will only create resistance.

after you notice even the slightest frustration or irritation, say ” Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Let me have a think and come back to you later”