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Working Backwards ( insights, stories and secrets from inside Amazon ) by: Colin bryar and bill carr.

It provided very good insights how amazon works


(1) Bar Raiser for hiring process: it put one experienced interviewer in the hiring, and bar raiser can coach / teach the interview process  to avoid hiring low quality people.

(2) Ban PPT, use the 6-pages to narratives the proposals.  Meeting: give 15 minutes to read that, then discuss.

(3) working backwards: PR ( public release) /FAQ process,  from end customer point of view to look the product offering, and questions.

could take a long time

(4) separable and single-threaded Leadership :   head will responsible for one thing/product(?), has all the autonomy.

(5) Manage/focus Controllable input metrics ( not the outputs metrics):  for book: prices, selections, and user experience? ( shipping)

(6) Leadership principles:   apply for every process?


Kindle:  book online + device ,  will provider better experience.  The device: long time reading under the Sun

Prime: membership fee for fast shipping?  also + prime video ( free)

AWS:  start from production API, –> provider developer to build something. Thus developer become their customers.

use the cost-following strategy ( charged with: basic cost + percent like house builder)


Jeff played a key role for all of those. That means the CEO is quite essential for a company’s success.