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Some notes:

Team size

8 engineers/manager

Managers should support six to eight


Documents to avoid interruption

Finally, the one thing that I’ve found at companies with very few interruptions and have observed almost nowhere else:

really great, consistently available documentation. It’s probably even harder to bootstrap documentation into a non-documenting
company than it is to bootstrap unit tests into a non-testing
company, but the best solution to frequent interruptions I’ve seen
is a culture of documentation, documentation reangineers


Flexible in the design

In my opinion, probably the most important opportunity is
designing your software to be flexible.


Be diplomatic enough Raise difficult concerns

the person who is diplomatic enough to raise difficult concerns.


How to grow

If you’ve been focused on growing the size of your team
as the gateway to career growth, call bullshit on all that,

instead looking for gap in the org

Make your peers your first team!


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