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Learning curve for Kubernetes (K8s) could be steep.

For most users who are already familiar with basic networking, OS/Linux,  docker container technologies etc,

the difficulties , I personally think,  is most likely due to its unique concepts, sometime confusing terms.

Based on my learning experience, I wrote a book: Kerbernetes Quick start, hopefully can help you jump-start your K8s journey





Do you want to understand key Kubernetes(K8s) jargons within several hours?
Do you want to know how to install K8s load-balancer, Ingress, Storage class in a bare metal environment?
Do you want to deploy your stateless/stateful application quickly?
Do you want to know how to auto-scaling your application effectively?

This book will help you learn and use kubernetes from scratch quickly and effectively using step by step practical examples

In this book, you will learn:

* several key kubernetes concepts.
* how to install K8s cluster in a bare metal environment.
* how to auto-scaling your application.
* what is pv, pvc, storage class and how it works.
* how to deploy stateless/stateful applications
* How to use Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)