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code: video sfu code at: plugins/janus_videoroom.c

How sub/pub works:

in its plugin implementation: plugins/janus_videoroom.c , there is:

struct janus_videoroom_publisher {

GSList subscribers; / Subscriptions to this publisher (who’s watching this publisher) */

GSList subscriptions; / Subscriptions this publisher has created (who this publisher is watching) */


for every incoming  rtp from a publisher:

     janus_videoroom_incoming_rtp( ) {

    //   strictly maybe it should be called the observe pattern ?as this g_slit_foreach is sort of synchronize function call? )

     g_slist_foreach(participant->subscribers, janus_videoroom_relay_rtp_packet, &packet);

    //It seems it request FIR ( key frame) every tot seconds:

   janus_videoroom_reqfir(participant, “Regular keyframe request”);


for every incoming data from a publisher:



g_slist_foreach(participant->subscribers, janus_videoroom_relay_data_packet, &packet);