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vim has a grammar check plugin

How to install vim-grammarous?

it uses new vim 8+ plugin mechanism, so we can easily install it by:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start

cd ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start
git clone


The first time you run the: GrammarousCheck in the vim, it will auto download the languagetool (java jar) etc.

How to use it


It will spawn a background java process ( using languagetool) to check grammar ( maybe slow)

It will highlight the error in the main window, and show details in the info windows.

use Ctrl+w + up/down key to switch between main/info windows, inside infor window you can use the following key

Mappings Description
q Quit the info window
<CR> Move to the location of the error
f Fix the error automatically
r Remove the error without fix
R Disable the grammar rule in the checked buffer
n Move to the next error’s location
p Move to the previous error’s location
? Show help of the mapping in info window