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Some of projects use cmake,  usually we can build like:

mkdir build && cd build

cmake ..

camke –build .

it usually a release version.


we as developer need debug version,

some doc said

cmake –build [–config Release] .

that seems indicate if want a debug version we do: make –build –config Debug .

but the –config is some sort of misleading, here is doc: said:

If your build tool is a multi-configuration one (like devenv on Windows), the --config argument matters. If you pass an invalid parameter as the config type here, the build tool should give an error.

If the build tool isn’t multi-config (like gcc), then the --config argument is ignored. Instead the build type is set via the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE CMake variable; i.e. it’s set when running CMake, not when running the build tool.

so to build a debug version using gcc, we could:

c_debug=”Debug” # or “Release”

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=$c_debug –build .

cmake –build .
sudo cmake –build . –target install


To check if debug symbol is build or not, we could check:

objdump –syms yourlib.a| | grep debug

it should show something.

Notes:  using file | grep stripped to check if debug symbol build or not is NOT correct.



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